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Free download 3uTools for Mac in 2023

Download 3uTools latest version on your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Studio. It's completely free and safe to download. Download the 3utools latest 2.65v version on your Mac in 2023 and take the full control of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

We will give you a complete guide on how to download 3uTools on your Mac.

What is 3uTools?

3uTools is an all in one tool to manage your iOS device on your Mac or Windows computer. It is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking to get the most out of their iOS devices.
The tool delivers a wide range of features for iDevices including iOS jailbreak , backup and restore, transfer files, compress photos, virtual location and many more.

3uTools for Mac - features

  • Jailbreak

You can easily unlock the full potential  of your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch with the jailbreaking feature. The one click jailbreak process of 3uTools is so quick. 3uTools can easily identify the available firmware and jailbreak it accordingly.

  • File transfer

3uTools is the most efficient file transfer app available for iOS devices. You can transfer any type of file including video, audio and multimedia with just a few clicks between your iDevice and Mac.

  • Backup & restore

The tool allows you to backup most of your iOS files onto your Mac. You can restore them on the iDevice whenever you want.

  • Compress photos

You dont need to worry about having large number of photos on your iDevice that consume too much storage space. The photo compress feature of 3uTools lets you the size of image files without reducing much of the image quality.

  • Download apps and wallpapers

3uTools allows you  to browse and search apps and  download them directly  on to your iOS device. The tool is also a rich sources of brilliant wallpapers. You can choose from variety of categories including sports, nature, animals and many more.

  • Virtual location

You can change the virtual location of your iDevice with 3uTools. This feature is useful in variety of occasions. When you play a location based AR game like Pokemon Go, you can use it to access geo restricted contents. You can fake your location anywhere in world and use the apps which are restricted in your area.

  • Many more features

3uTools delivers many other useful features to manage your iDevice on your Mac. Garbage cleaning, make ringstones, stop iOS update, IPA signature, open SSH are some of them

How to get 3uTools on your Mac

Since 3uTools was originally developed for Windows OS, you have to create a Windows virtual machine on your  Mac.

1. Download and install  VirtualBox software on your Mac.

Open VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine with a Windows operating system on it. (You can use a Windows ISO file that you already have or download one from Microsoft's website.)

2. Once the virtual machine is set up and running, open a web browser in the virtual machine and go to our website and click the above download button to download 3uTools.

3. On the virtual machine of your Mac, install 3uTools the same way you would do on a Windows computer.

4.Once the installation is complete, you can manage your iOS device with 3uTools by connecting it to your Mac.


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